About Kristen

Kristen Comello, RDH on the Monterey Peninsula.
My name is Kristen Comello and I want to help you improve your oral health so you can keep your smile bright! It’s easy to forget about our teeth after we leave the dental office but healthy and happy gums take a lot of work to maintain. Luckily, oral hygiene and cleaning teeth is my passion so I am sharing it with the world. This website is a tool I am using to give tips and share with you the knowledge I give my patients everyday. Everything in this site is put in simple terms so everybody can understand and be inspired to improve their oral health. Even if you can’t get into the dentist office to get your teeth cleaned, brushing well, and flossing will allow you to survive until you can get back in the chair. I am a very passionate person who really cares!

As a dental hygienist, when I clean teeth, I clean them like I would want my own teeth to be cleaned. If you are looking for someone to clean your teeth, I will give you the best cleaning I can, every time you visit. Also, I have a gentle touch and great management for really sensitive teeth. I work with sedation dentistry and after a year, most of my patients no longer need the sedation. It is very rewarding to see my patients resolve their dental fears and look forward to their teeth cleanings. I work hard to make sure you have a pleasant experience every time and still remove all the tartar and plaque.

Now a little about me personally, I was raised in Cressey, CA on an almond farm. I have been blessed to be able to work on the Monterey Peninsula. I love being by the beach and breathing fresh ocean air and I am a mother of three boys. I enjoy the outdoors, mountain bike riding, hiking, and anything in the water. But most of all being a mother, a wife, and raising my boys has become the center of my world. I am the luckiest mom alive and I get a lot of love everyday from all my boys. God is important in my life and through the struggles of insurance cost and life, this website has come about. He has led my way, and I thank God everyday for all my success, and everything I have in life. “Give it to God” is my theme for this year. He has truly taken my burdens and inspired me to move mountains and improve my life.

I hope you enjoy this website. If you want a great cleaning from a warm family office, make an appointment today or send me a message.

Please enjoy my journey with helping people one smile at a time! Got floss?