Double The Floss

For all of you folks who do everything and still get cavities, here is a new tip. Try doubling the floss and making sure you use the “C” shape technique. It’s like cupping the tooth with floss. Make sure you floss two sides every time you put the floss in between your teeth. I have tight contacts and a lot of bone loss from braces and grinding. I floss everyday and it was not enough to stop a cavity. I started doubling the Glide floss and it is much more effective. You can double any kind of floss as long as you can gently get it through your contacts without snapping the floss and injuring your gums. I am also strengthening my enamel with Prevident 5000 prescription toothpaste. For non-fluoride folks, you can try MI paste every night before bed. These products can only be prescribed from your Dentist.

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