About the God’s Tooth Fairies Non Profit

I started a nonprofit organization that helps children in need. The primary purpose of my non-profit is to teach children how to brush and care for their teeth and provide them with tooth care supplies. I am working on beginning this service at the Boys and Girls Club and expand to the YMCA. I will move on from there. I plan to volunteer the first Friday of the month and help kids learn how to brush their teeth.

Why is this important?

Children get their permanent molars at 6 years old. These are the most important teeth in the mouth, because if you lose one you can’t use that side of the mouth to chew. Our most simple pleasure in life is eating; just 2 dollars can buy us a meal. Losing one or more molars makes eating miserable and expensive.

Kids are at particular risk of getting tooth decalcification, because children often consume a lot of sugary foods like, soda, coffee, energy drinks, and sports drinks. All of these things can contribute to decalcification. These foods can ruin the enamel that protects the teeth. When plaque from sugary foods sticks to teeth, it acts like rust on metal and strips the enamel away. If plaque is not taken care of, it eventually makes pits, which can turn brown and cause tooth decay. Teeth suffering from tooth decay require crowns, which is more and more common in young adults today. Teaching children good habits early will help prevent tooth decay when they get older.

How will I teach children good habits?

I will using some “2 Tone” disclosing agent, apply it to their teeth, show them the sugar bugs (plaque on their teeth) and teach them how to brush it off. Then I will finish brushing their teeth with a toothbrush until all the sugar bugs are gone. While doing this, I will be talking with them and educating them on the importance of their teeth.

Why am I doing this?

From my experience working in the dentist office, I see what can happen to teeth and I worry about children that aren’t able to see a dentist regularly, and never learn how to care for their teeth properly. A little oral hygiene instruction can go a long way, and I can help a lot of kids, with just a little bit of money.

My goal is to one day be able to send a toothbrush to every child in the US that needs one. If a child learns early why their parents keep telling them to brush for 2 minutes and floss, it can be life changing.

If you can’t afford a crown and or root canal, you will start losing your teeth. It will be awesome to save hundreds of kids from dentures because they learned good oral hygiene early in life.