Sonicare Air Flosser

For all of you folks who do not floss, will not floss, and do not have time, sonicare has the product for you – the Sonicare Air Flosser. It has some great features. You do not have to wrap floss around your fingers at all. It comes with a reservoir that you can fill with salt water or mouth rinse. If your gums tend to bleed from not flossing, it means you have an infection. This usually means you need a professional cleaning. If that is not possible, floss more in these areas. If you need something to get you by for a short time, try using warm salt water rinses every day (as long your diet allows it), and floss extra in every spot that bleeds. Nothing replaces regular flossing but the sonicare air flosser is better than nothing. I have seen healing from my non-flossing patients. For all you non-flossers, this may help you stay healthy. Eating is our most simple pleasure in life. You can enjoy a great meal for a couple dollars, but you need teeth to chew the food. You have to take care of your teeth and gums. We only get one set of gums. When periodontal disease eats away at your bone level, you can not get the bone back. So all of you non-flossers, its worth that couple extra minutes to take care of your gums. Try flossing before you brush, do it in the shower, during a commercial, or sitting at a traffic light. The few minutes it takes to floss, will save you a lot of money in the dental chair and Good Luck! Let me know how you like the sonicare air flosser.

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