What are Teeth Savers?

Teethsavers are simple dental aids that help save your teeth from active periodontal disease and decay. With a little extra home care you can save a lot of money in the dental chair. You can preserve you dentistry and have excellent oral hygiene. Your teeth and heart are connected. Infection in your mouth is not healthy for your overall health. Any time there is bleeding when you floss, you have an active infection in your mouth. There are simple steps to maintain good oral health.

Brush:  Brush twice a day, preferably with an electric toothbrush. If you use a manual toothbrush, you need to brush for 2 min. Brush for 10 seconds on your front teeth. Everyone seems to brush real quick in the front and spend most of the time brushing the back teeth.

Floss:  Find a floss you like and try flossing before you brush. If you floss after, you most likely will not do it.

Proxabrushes:  Use a proxabrushes, piksters, soft picks, toothpicks, in between your teeth if you have had bone loss, missing teeth, had braces, or clench/grind teeth. Make sure all interproximal brushes go in between your teeth easy. If your tissue is too healthy and you are hurting yourself stop use right a way. If it slips in easy, it is like brushing in between your teeth. It keeps your gums healthy and pocketing down to 3-4mm in most cases. The periodontal involved the more detailed homecare regimen is needed.

Rubber Tip Stimulators Used around the gingival margins of your teeth (gum line). Follow the gum line of your teeth, lightly swipe under the gums; no pressure, it is like cleaning under your fingernail. You are mixing up the bacteria so it does not multiply and cause infection. This also lets you know if you are missing plaque with the toothbrush.

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