Decalcifications are soft spots in the enamel. Decalcification in your enamel lead to cavities. Causes of decalcification include acidic foods like citrus, drinks (coffee) and poor hygiene while wearing braces.

I see more and more people with this problem. The first thing you can do is drink/eat all of your food within 5 min and then rinse your mouth out with water.

  • Do not brush your teeth right away. Rinse with water and wait twenty minutes. Please note, you have an acid attack for twenty minutes after eating acidic or sugary food.
  • After throwing up, do not brush your teeth right away. Rinse with water and wait twenty minutes. Brushing after throwing up can cause your enamel to get weak over time, thus causing more cavities.


  • Over the counter: Use ACT mouthrinse and do not eat and drink for thirty minutes after using mouthrinse.
  • If they are really bad, your Dentist can prescribe you Colgate Prevident 5000 prescription toothpaste.
  • The dentist can also provide you with Remin Pro. It is water based with fl2, xylitol, and hydroxylapatite. The hydroxylapatite fills in enamel pits and uneven areas. It eventually helps smooth enamel to prevent plaque and bacteria from breaking down the enamel. Xylitol has been shown to repel bacteria. Click here for more Information.
  • Coming soon: A dentist office procedure is being developed to strengthen your enamel on the spot. Stay posted.


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